SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence

How will you make better business decisions?

In an organization, all the stake holders needs access to the right information at the right time. The big challenge for the digital enterprise is to give all employees and customers immediate insight into what is going on. With advances in digital technology, organizations need to incorporate robust, scalable, agile solutions that enhance decision making and innovation at every stage. Enterprise BI applications that are IT optimized are robust and scalable, but they may lack agility; business built BI applications are agile, but they may devoid of robustness and scalability. However, very few organizations are able to capitalize on the opportunity to create value from their existing data sources and too few people have access to data and analytics technology.

The SAP Business Objects BI platform addresses these issues and challenges, giving business users new perspectives that previously were too difficult to obtain. The platform brings together the entire organization – finance, human resources, operations, supply chain, marketing, and sales – for more agile decision making. SAP provides analytics for everyone in the organization, along with collaboration. SAP solutions enable you to access and blend any data – big or small – with analytics, enabling greater insights to your data and providing unparalleled data source connectivity.

Analytics solutions from SAP

Why SAP Business Objects BI platform?

  • Gain real-time business intelligence from any data
  • Allows Decision-ready information within business users’ reach
  • Increase responsiveness and reduce IT costs & workload
  • Increase user autonomy by exposing data in plain business terms
  • Make information consumption simple, personalised, and dynamic
  • Benefit from a flexible and scalable information infrastructure
  • Achieve better decision making across the organization

SAP Analytics: One Suite for all Insight and One place for all Information

A flexible and scalable information infrastructure, the SAP Business Objects BI platform is designed to let everyone in your organization discover and share insights for optimal decision making. The platform includes an extensive set of tools on a single platform, so your IT department can extend BI to any application or process in any environment. The unified infrastructure frees your IT department to respond to ever-changing business requirements. It can deploy and maintain BI applications more efficiently across your organization while supporting heterogeneous environments.

To further optimize IT productivity, the BI platform offers built-in performance optimization technology and comprehensive lifecycle management support. The SAP Business Objects BI platform enables a single unified infrastructure for data assets and analytics.

Functional Capabilities

  • Ad-hoc reporting and analysis

    Self-service ad-hoc reporting and analysis – on the Web, your desktop, or a mobile device to answer business queries

    • Take advantage of easy-to-use BI reporting tools
    • Drill, slice-and-dice, and format information based on your business needs
    • Use simple drag-and-drop features to create interactive reports
    • Combine data from different sources to get answers to your business questions
    • Set-up data alerts so you are on top of the information that matters
    • Share trusted insights with business partners and customers
  • Multidimensional analysis

    Perform analysis of multidimensional data sources in an intuitive Web-based environment, so you can quickly answer complex business questions.

    • Uncover deep business insights without the help of a database administrator
    • Share business insights with peers in a fixed or interactive Web format
    • Run multidimensional analytics on one common business intelligence platform
    • Improve user adoption while optimising the return on your IT investment
  • Technical Capabilities

    • SAP HANA as BI system repository and audit database
    • Multiple servers running on one or more hosts and/or clusters for high performance, load balancing, and availability
    • Single sign-on (SSO) integration with LDAP
    • Support for SAP BW 7.x, SAP Business Suite, and SAP S/4H
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