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Large-scale construction projects are complex and risky. An integrated platform supporting the full construction lifecycle helps your engineering, construction, and operations firm manage projects, avoid risk, and stay competitive. You need to better manage your projects, equipment, workforce, and financial operations – and make more informed decisions quickly with access to real-time information.

SAP solutions connect resources and processes across the engineering, construction, and real estate operations value chain by integrating industry-specific solutions on premise, in the cloud, and through mobile devices. You can expand your business operations with confidence by relying on software designed for the engineering, construction, and operations (EC&O) industry. More than 3,100 construction businesses worldwide use SAP solutions.

Dynamics in the EC & O industry - Increased pressure on decision makers across the enterprise

  • Collaborative and Data Intense Bid Process
  • Opportunity and proposal management
  • The Right Skills for the Project Workforce planning and analytics
  • Project Profitability Integrated collaboration


  • ➢ Increasing speed, lowering costs, and improving on boarding and ongoing skill development of global workforce
  • ➢ Increasing competitive edge by estimating to collaborate and deliver competitive project bids
  • ➢ Enhancing collaboration, innovation, and issue resolution with suppliers throughout procurement lifecycle
  • ➢ Lowering financial risks, streamlining compliance processes and reducing exception handling costs
  • ➢ Deepening innovation with customers and communities throughout product development to speed market delivery
  • ➢ Exceeding project-owner expectations and developing enduring customer loyalty through prompt issue resolution and deep engagement
  • ➢ SAP is having software solution for every aspect of engineering and construction business. Here are the high level solution areas that are covered:


    • Opportunity and Proposal Management
    • Procurement and Subcontracting
    • Virtual Design and Construction
    • Pre-Fabrication Management

    Project Delivery

    • Project Management and Collaboration
    • Project Issue and Change Management
    • Mobile Safety, Quality, and Productivity Enablement
    • Contract and Invoice Management
    • Performance Analytics for EC&O

    Asset Management

    • Real Estate Management
    • Asset Maintenance and Facility Operations
    • Equipment and Tools Management
    • Intelligent Buildings

    Human Resources


    Sourcing and Procurement

    What are the benefits?

    SAP solutions enable construction and real estate businesses to better balance profitability with services delivery through:

    • Fast, compelling bids getting converted into profitable contracts
    • More projects executed under control, on time, and within budget
    • Right-fit staffing and accurate time recording to motivate employees and avoid revenue loss
    • Cleaner and safer asset utilization while optimizing performance and utilization
    • Reduced vacancies, more lease revenues, faster rent invoicing, and optimal use of workspace

    INFOCUS is already having implementation experience in this vertical and have domain expertise to ensure SAP solutions are successfully rolled out in Engineering and construction organizations.

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