SAP Supplier Relationship Management / Ariba Procurement Solutions

The Global Trends has had a huge impact on the Procurement line of Business. It has resulted in greater opportunities, faster and more effective collaboration at a much lower costs. Likewise in the networked economy, with the advent of Big Data it has improved business insights with the incorporation of SAP HANA Platform & in-memory computing, predictive analysis as well as network intelligence.

Focusing on risk has turned out one of the key aspects with attention being given to the likes of supply chain disruptions, financial risk and fraud & commodity risks. Cloud computing, mobility, leveraging data for decisions & incorporation of new business models has resulted increase of productivity. With the changing environment there has also been a considerable amount of pressure on determining the cost to serve, to decrease budgets and to ultimately evaluate the profitability by segments.

SAP and Ariba delivers a comprehensive Integrated Procurement Portfolio to Collaborate Seamlessly

Procurement Excellence
Supplier Discovery and lifecycle management Discover and develop suppliers
Strategic sourcing and contracting Source better and increase savings
Procurement and order collaboration Reduce contractual risk
Collaborative invoice to pay Lower operating costs
Drive compliant spending Collaborate for greater success

Key Modules:

  • Spend Analysis
  • Sourcing
  • Contract Management
  • Operational Procurement
  • Invoice Management
  • Supplier Information and Performance Management
  • Mobile Procurement
  • Supplier Collaboration

Flexible deployment Options: On-Premise and Cloud Solutions addressing all your needs:

Delivering Optimized Contract Lifecycle Management

  • Improved Contract Management- Improved contract compliance, timely renewals management, and visibility to performance information
  • Effective Contract Creation - Tighter controls and minimized legal risk
  • Full Contract Visibility - Single repository for contracts, elimination of redundant contracts, visibility into commitments, and the ability to track regulatory compliance and understand contract history
  • Streamlined Negotiation Processes - Streamlined and controlled processes, abbreviated negotiation and approval cycles, and inclusion of the right stakeholders
  • Rapid Time-to-Value - Enables strong user adoption, delivers rapid on-demand deployment, and provides process and data integration

SAP Collaborative Sourcing and Contract Management Solutions

  • Automates the contract creation cycle, from draft to reviews and approvals
  • Contract authoring tools, including clause libraries and conditional templates
  • Creates a contract repository with access-controlled search and reporting
  • Audit trail for internal and external and regulatory requirements
  • Deep, bidirectional integration within the source-to-contract process
  • Expiry notification for improved renewal management
  • Centralized electronic task-driven notification alerts
  • Rapid time to value with on-demand deployment
  • Microsoft Word integration
  • Integration to leading eSignature providers – DocuSign and Adobe EchoSign

Solution Capabilities:

  • Creation and Supplier Collaboration

    Organizations can handle every aspect of the supplier lifecycle with supplier information and performance management software. The on-demand software provides a central, network-enabled platform for accessing supplier profiles and for assessing supplier performance using measurable indicators and prepackaged reports and dashboards. Network-driven intelligence combined with integrated spend management functionality provides everything you need for peak supply chain performance.

  • Creation and Supplier Collaboration

    • Categorize all sourcing processes into a hierarchy of projects, teams, milestones, and approval rules with the SAP Ariba Sourcing solution.
    • Utilise flexible process management capabilities and enhanced workflow for improved collaboration between stakeholders.
    • Maximise ROI through integration with other strategic sourcing software.
  • Sourcing

    The Ariba Sourcing solution integrates patented “request for” (RFX) technology, process workflows, commodity intelligence, and supplier discovery, resulting in a flexible, comprehensive sourcing solution that enables fast, sustainable, bottom-line results.

  • BOM, Workflow, and Syndication

    Manage all spend types, including advanced direct materials, using a single solution

    • Support sourcing direct materials with the ability to integrate and calculate cost of bills of materials (BoM)

    • Offer multilevel BoM integration, workflow, and syndication capabilities

    • Import multilevel BoMs for executing the sourcing process at the item, subassembly, or final product levels

  • Operational Contract Management

    Boost contract management services through more accurate, structured, and accessible master data with SAP S/4 HANA

    • Structure committed services more effectively with strong service contracts.

    • Facilitate consistency to ensure superior support and services.

    • Create, manage, and automate service contracts such as price agreements and conditions more effectively.

  • Source Assignments

    • Find, negotiate, and contract the most qualified and reliable suppliers

    • Collect, analyse, and access all sourcing-related information in one system.

    • Support automated and manual processes for managing contracts, source lists, purchase information records, quotations, and requests for quotations.

    • Purchasers gain the insights they need to engage with the right suppliers and get the best possible prices by streamlining and automating sourcing information and processes.

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