Chemicals :

India is the seventh largest producer of chemicals globally and third largest producer in Asia in terms of output. The country ranks fourth globally in the production of agro chemicals and contributes around 15 per cent to the global dyestuff and dye intermediates production.

Basic chemicals and their related products (petrochemicals, fertilizers, paints, varnishes, glass, perfumes, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, etc.) constitute a significant part of the Indian economy. Among the most diversified industrial sectors, chemicals cover an array of more than 70,000 commercial products.

The chemical industry continues to evolve and grow at a rapid pace. Right now, it’s all about digital transformation. New digital technologies, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and business networks are creating an enormous opportunity for chemical businesses around the world. Chemical plants must learn to sense, respond, adapt, and predict in real time. It is no longer sufficient for chemical companies to be reactive to competitive risk, they must embrace digital transformation as a means to deliver business value. Digital transformation will make the chemicals industry more reactive and responsive to market opportunities.

SAP has the platform to drive digital transformation in chemicals industry. Our team will ensure your SAP software delivers ongoing, unsurpassed value as you address the evolving demands of the digital economy. Only SAP has the end-to-end digital solutions to interconnect all aspects of your industry’s value chain to support engagement and co-innovation with customers, suppliers, and the extended workforce. 95% of the top chemical companies run SAP.

SAP is having software solution for every aspect of Chemical business as outlined below:

1) Product Innovation and Integrity

  • Integrated Product Development
  • Product Safety and Stewardship
  • Quality Assurance
  • Corporate Sustainability

2) Manufacturing

  • Production Operations Management
  • Production Network
  • Environment, Health, and Safety
  • Asset Operations and Maintenance
  • Asset Network

3) Supply Chain Management

  • Demand-Driven Business Planning
  • Responsive Supply Network
  • Logistics Fulfillment

4) Sales and Marketing

  • Real-Time Customer Insights
  • Collaborative Sales Force Automation
  • Collaborative Quote to Cash
  • Transparent Service Process and Operations
  • Omnichannel Commerce

5) Human Resources - Solutions for HR

6) Finance-Solutions for Finance

7) Sourcing and Procurement-Solutions for Sourcing and Procurement

Business Benefits:

  • 10%–20% increased portfolio and project management resource productivity
  • 40%–50% reduced days to close annual books
  • 10%–12% reduced days in inventory
  • 10%–12% increased on-time delivery
  • 5%–10% reduction in unplanned asset downtime or outages
  • 10%–15% reduced asset service and maintenance costs
  • Faster adoption to business challenges
  • High user efficiency
  • Increased return on assets

Infocus is having an experienced and professional team equipped with the knowledge of the business process in Chemical industries to ensure SAP solutions are successfully rolled out in this vertical.

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