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ERP Corporate Training Services

Training :

Infocus has a good expertise in corporate training to take care of training needs for Project Team, Business Process Owners, Key Users, End Users, Executives & Stakeholders.

Hands-on exercises help participants increase their ability to navigate and complete transactions in ERP/SAP.

These classes will give you a better sense of how business processes will be mapped in ERP/SAP and give you the opportunity to contribute to the implementation blueprint.

Participants are also being better prepared for assisting during configuration, which increases their ability to support SAP users after go-live.

Providing ERP Training for:

Project Teams, Business Process Owners, Key Users, End Users, Executives Stakeholders who are involved in the projects. We provide both Functional and Technical Training, Customized Classes and Workshops to meet customers specific scope keeping the training flexible with customized training material to meet the customer requirements.

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