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What we do now is to be valued - but we do more, so that it's more exciting to our customers, and therefore that excitement shines back on us and we're able to have the energy to do more, to widen our creativity

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CIO Advisory Services

INFOCUS provides CIO Advisory Services to small to medium sized business clients. We provide world class CIO talent, experience and expertise at a fraction of the cost of a high powered, full time CIO. Small and medium sized businesses cannot afford a high-priced CIO, nor do they need one on the payroll full time basis.

INFOCUS provides a CIO level resource for an upfront Strategic Technology Planning project followed by a pre-defined monthly or quarterly support schedule; we can provide our clients with this world class technology leadership at a cost appropriate to the business.


» Have a CIO expertise available without having a huge expense.

» Leverage the experience of technology leader and strategic IT direction provided by a CIO.

» Obtain the level of IT expertise usually available to larger organizations.

» Help get IT and business strategies aligned and transform your organization, processes and technologies.

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